Indo-Pakistan Independence celebration week

20819229_10155973798565663_4588743687899577331_o20901333_10155973799755663_4003321005374628661_o20861903_10155973798100663_6565949191547310040_o20841989_10155973797970663_4268069709356582731_n20819598_10155973798205663_6160463722098601447_o20819354_10155973798350663_5456587975567797800_o20818827_10155973798890663_7455803417012003800_o20818925_10155973799940663_9220711193411848192_oNext week August 7 till August 11 Cultural Indo-Pakistan Week!
Full week of Indo-Pakistan history, music, dance, traditions, food and much more!
Gala event on Friday 08/11/2017 with Interactive Lecture and exhibition and of course food tasting! Do not think twice come and find India and Pakistan under one roof.
Please RSVP by calling us at 8888068490 or by emailing us at

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