About us

Beyond Cultural Exchange event management is another wing of Beyond Management Group Inc. Beyond Exchange was formed for the sole purpose of promoting and maintaining tolerance and sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity in the United States. Its mission is to combat discriminatory practices, racial profiling and stereotyping in the society caused by lack of cultural education.

We have partnered with different like minded organizations, firms and companies which circulates the similar message. Beyond Exchange seeks to educate and expose the American public to the cultures, customers, traditions and history of Q1 program participants and have been successful in providing the Q1 program for several years.

We focus on cultural exchange programs for international cultural exchange visitors and trainees. How we plan events and how we arrange their visa to get into the United States. Although, the United States continues to be one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse countries in the world, we want that trend to continue and not be stunted by the acts of a few extremists who in no way represent the world community.

With the goal of spreading the message Beyond Management Group Inc. is expanding it to Beyond Management Exchange event management that organizes various events on the tabs provided above available to view. Beyond Cultural Exchange has successfully operated a cultural exchange program for several years and have all the vast resources for providing the services.

If you are a company or organization of similar in tension and goal to bring the humanity to peace and great event is on you head please give us the opportunity to enlighten the event and make it successful.

We create events that promote your brand message, business goals and values is our passion. It’s important to challenge, inspire, motivate and celebrate people. That’s why we begin your event design with the end goals in mind. We have done many different kind of events in past years. Our Gallery is an example for it.