Cultural Exchange and Event Management

Culture exchange is a strong part of Beyond Management Group, where Beyond Exchange (BE) is the cultural exchange and training wing or division of the company. It influences our views, our values, our humor, our hopes, our loyalties, and our worries and fears. The prestigious international cultural exchange program was formed for the sole purpose of promoting and maintaining tolerance and sensitivity to cultural and ethnic diversity in the United States. Its mission is to combat discriminatory practices, racial profiling and stereotyping in the different industries caused by lack of cultural education especially post 9/11, followed by similar ongoing terrorist attacks in recent times, such as  the attacks in France, Turkey, a church in South Carolina, Orlando night club, and the most recently at concert of an American singer in Manchester; by educating and exposing the American public to the cultures, customs, traditions and history of program participants. Beyond Exchange has successfully operated a cultural exchange program for several years. Beyond Exchange is the employer of the program participants and provides them with wages, accommodation, transportation and working conditions comparable to a U.S. worker performing similar tasks or duties within the same geographical area or region. We believe that development of skills, gaining practical tools, knowledge and experience in foreign countries is a major asset to a successful career. We specialize in assisting highly educated, qualified, multilingual student and young professionals around the globe who wish to participate in Cultural Exchange/ Practical Training/ Internship Training Programs and/or Employment Programs to develop their skills through the exchange of their culture, acquire knowledge and experience in USA, by following our simple goal –EDUCATE-INFORM-ENLIGHTEN, and through our motto- “STAY WITH US AND VISIT THE WORLD”.

Event Management acts as a vehicle for BE to organize cultural events. Through this service, we solicit big business and organizations to request BE to organize events for them which are culturally motivated.