BE Cultural Exchange Program


Cultural Component

The international cultural exchange program must have a cultural component which is an essential and integral part of the program.The cultural component forms the basis of the exchange program with participants spending the majority of their time in the United States assisting in the planning coordination and implementation of various cultural functions, events and activities. Beyond Exchange has developed and implemented a Structured Training Plan which outlines the cultural exchange goals and activates for program participants. Under the guidance and supervision of Cultural Program Specialists, Program participants share their culture with the American public on a daily basis by planning and hosting a variety of cultural activities, displays and exhibits.

The cultural component must exhibit, explain and/or demonstrate the attitude, customs, history, heritage, philosophy, or traditions of the participant’s/ the cultural program associate aka cultural exchange coordinator’s country of nationality.

Work Component

Employment or training is not independent of the cultural component of this program. The work component must serve as a vehicle to achieve the objectives of the cultural exchange program. The sharing of the culture of the the participant’s country of nationality must result from his or her employment or training under the BE’s cultural exchange program. the employment or training should enable the participant to present or share the cultural aspect to the American public. Work component and Cultural component are not independent of one another.

Accessibility to Public

The cultural component of BE’s cultural exchange program must be presented on a public platform, which is accessible to the American public, such as school, college, museum, business establishment, theater, park, hotel or other similar establishment.

When we explore culture, it’s also important to remember how much we have in common. A person who grew up in Tibet, will probably see the world very differently than someone who grew up in Manhattan – but both people know what it is like to wake up in the morning and look forward to the adventures that of the day. We are all human beings. We all love deeply, want to learn, have hopes and dreams, and have experienced pain and fear.

Benefits of Program Participation

Through the BE cultural exchange program, participant will develop skills, attain knowledge and experience in the following areas:


Customer Service

Advertisement, Sales & Marketing

Team Player

Work in a diverse environment


Event management/general management

Finance & Budgeting

Computer literacy

Exposure to local public, and American Companies/Clients

Program Eligibility

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • Must have 2 years of experience or a University/College student with at least 2 years of education completed preferred
  • Must be able to speak fluent English with good communication skills
  • successfully clear BE’s certification training program, if needed
  • Clear BE’s screening / recruitment process

Application Requirement

  • Apply by signing up at as an applicant
  • CV
  • Provide 6 passport size photographs with white or light blue background
  • Proof of enrollment into a university or college if you are a student or degree credentials if you are a graduate
  • Two reference letters from your previous employer or teacher/professor